ECIECI EcologicEcologic Seamless Acoustical Spray

Ecispray is an ETA acoustic spray system. It absorbs sound in the places where it is applied and provides an understandable acoustic quality of the speech sound in the space. Since its applied by spraying,it can be applied to all substrates in the building. Eci provides a decorative visuality to the applied surfaces and contributes to the visual design in the space, material selection can be made in the desired colors.

Key Features of ECI Ecologic Seamless Acoustical Spray


Compatible with all substrates

ECO Friendly

Biodegradable adhesive


Made from recycled cellulose fibers


Custom colors are available

Sound Absorption

Provides excellent sound absorption

Thermal Insulation

Provides excellent thermal insulation

Office Soundproofing

Seamless Acoustical Spray is used in office spaces to dampen sound and create a more productive and noise-free work environmen

Home Theater Insulation

It is applied in home theaters to enhance the sound quality and prevent sound leakage, creating an immersive audio experience.

Preparations For ECI Ecologic Seamless Acoustical Spray


Surfaces have to be clean and free of dust

Air Tightness

Application area should be airtight

Pipes and Cables

Electrical cables, plumbing pipes must be masked

Electricity Boxes

Electricity boxes need to be extended in the thickness of the spray work

Surface Mask

undesirable surfaces should be masked before spraying

Technical Specifications

Seamless Acoustical Spray

Technical Details

For more technical details view or download the datasheet.

Fire Class

TS EN 13501-1 B-s2, d0

Thermal Conductivity


Water vapour Diffusion Resistance Factor μ

TS EN 12086 : 2.6

Water Absorption

TS EN 1609 : 13.88 kg / m2


  • Smooth Texture
  • Fine Texture
  • Standard Texture
  • Coarse Texture


  • High-White (Premium Line)
  • Standart-White (Premium Line)
  • Black (Premium Line)
  • Anthracite (Premium Line)
  • Concrete Grey (Premium Line)
  • Eco-Grey (EcoLine)
  • Beige (EcoLine)
    Custom colors are available according to the RAL code.