AlnowallAlnowall MovableMovable Partitions

Alnowall Movable Partitions offer versatile and space-saving solutions for offices and commercial spaces. These high-quality movable walls provide flexibility to create adaptable workspaces, offering privacy when needed and an open layout when desired.

Alnowall Movable Partitions Applications


Effectively reduce sound transmission and create acoustically comfortable environments.


Enhance interior aesthetics with a variety of finish and design options for the partitions.


Maximize the utility of your space with customizable and flexible room configurations.

Automatic Panel

Automatic panel movable partitions are versatile systems designed for flexible space management. They seamlessly divide areas into smaller sections with smooth, automated movements, offering convenience and adaptability. Ideal for various environments like offices, conference halls, or event venues, they enhance functionality while maintaining aesthetic appeal and maximizing space utilization.

Manual Panel

Manual panel movable partitions offer versatile space division with ease. Designed for effortless movement, these partitions glide smoothly to redefine spaces as needed. With customizable configurations, they adapt to various layouts, optimizing functionality. Ideal for offices, conference rooms, and event venues, they enhance flexibility while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Telescopic Panel

The opening and closing of the walls are carried out bya mounted expan- sion panel. This is the panel that unlocks when you need to open a section and stack panels. Also, it is the last panel to be locked when you need to close the panels. Telescopic panels are produced with a variable width be- tween 850 and 110 mm.

Available Colors

3106 - BEIGE

3156 - GREY

3190 - BLACK


4509 - LIGHT OAK





Ensure that the area is clear of any obstacles or debris that may hinder the installation process. Measure the dimensions of the ceiling accurately to determine the required size and number of partitions.

Ceiling Track Installation

Start by installing the ceiling track according to the manufacturer's instructions. Typically, this involves securing the track to the ceiling using appropriate hardware such as screws and anchors.

Partition Panel Assembly

Assemble the individual partition panels according to the provided instructions. This usually involves connecting the panels using interlocking mechanisms or other specified methods.

Mounting the Panels

With the ceiling track in place, lift each partition panel and insert it into the track. Slide the panels along the track to position them as desired, creating the desired layout or configuration for the space.

Final Adjustments and Testing

After installation, make necessary adjustments to ensure tracks operate smoothly. Test the partitions by sliding them back and forth along the track to confirm that they move easily.

Technical Specifications

Alnowall Movable Partitions

Technical Specifications

For more technical details view or download the datasheet.


ALNOWALL Movable Partitions offered with a wide variety of finishing options: Anodized alumi- num profiles with ral colors

Panel Surfaces

Upholstery fabric / Natural wood finishing / MDFlam / melamine / lacquer on MDF etc. According to customer needs, can be used standard MDF or fire-resistant MDF.

  • Finishing can be standard colored melamine paper on fire resistant MDF
  • Standard colored High Pressure Laminate on normal or fire-resistant MDF
  • Standard vinyl finishing on normal or fire-resistant MDF
  • Wood veneer, laminate finishing, lacquer paint, fabric finishing on normal or fire- resistant MDF, etc.


100/110/120 mm thick

Sound Insulation

When the panels are closed, the mechanical parts are perfectly aligned without gaps. ALNOWALL MPS & EPS provides sound insulation (Rw index) 54 dB, depends on its type. All the materials used for the supply have been tested according to TS EN ISO 10140-2:2013-06, TS EN ISO 717-1:2013-06 standards