We Specialise In Acoustics Solutions


Our acoustic solutions is used to create a better work space ie office privacy and creating comfortable event spaces.


We have sound absorbing materials and panels of many sizes, shapes and colors to work with the design of your house.


Our panels come in a variety of sizes and colors and can have custom printed artwork to meet design goal for this industry.


Our acoustic specialists at Europhon will be able to assess and conclude feasible solutions and plays an important role in education industry.

Transforming Environments with Innovative Acoustic Solutions for Enhanced Comfort.


Symfony Fabric Panels

Elegant, sound-absorbing solutions for enhancing interior spaces with style and reducing unwanted noise effectively.
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Seamless Acoustic Plaster Ceiling

Innovative design melds sound control with sleek aesthetics, enhancing spaces with seamless integration and functionality.
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Poly sound: rich, layered audio experience with multiple dimensions and textures, immersing listeners in complexity.
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Ecologic Acoustic Spray

Eco-friendly solution for noise reduction, offering seamless application and sustainable materials for acoustic enhancement.
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Acoustic Baffles Ceiling

Acoustic baffle ceilings enhance sound quality by diffusing and absorbing sound waves, improving acoustics in commercial and residential spaces.
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Movable Partition 1

Alnowall Movable Partitions

Alnowall Movable Partitions offer flexible space solutions, seamlessly dividing areas with innovative design and exceptional functionality for versatility.
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Harmonizing Spaces with
Europhon Acoustics Solutions

We manufacture architectural sound solutions offering a premium listening experience.

We create well-designed environments that are acoustically comfortable.

Acoustic Design

We create tailor-made solutions to help designers and architects express their creativity to the fullest.

Acoustic Consulting

Our engineers are available to come to your site, review the situation and provide product and layout recommendations.

Acoustic Solutions

We perform environmental acoustic simulations and provide design support.

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