SymfonySymfony FabricFabric Panels

Symfony Fabric Panels are designed to enhance the sound quality of any space while also adding an elegant touch to the decor. The panels are crafted with premium acoustic fabric that not only absorbs sound but also improves the aesthetics of the room. With Europhon panels, experience superior acoustic performance in style.

Key Features of Symfony Fabric Panels

Improved Acoustics

Enhanced sound absorption for quieter spaces

Customizable Designs

Tailored options to suit any aesthetic

Durable Fabric

Long-lasting material for extended performance


Enhance your home's ambiance with Symfony Fabric Panels. Crafted for residential spaces, these panels combine style and sound absorption, creating a harmonious living environment for you to enjoy.


Enhance commercial spaces with Symfony Fabric Panels. Effortlessly combine aesthetics with noise reduction, creating an inviting environment while maintaining acoustic integrity for optimal productivity and comfort.


Enhance educational environments with Symfony Fabric Panels. Optimize acoustics for focused learning, creating an atmosphere conducive to concentration, collaboration, and student engagement. Transform classrooms with innovative acoustic solutions.


Surface Preparation

Ensure that the installation surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or debris and should be free from any kind of Undulations on the Walls.


Determine the desired placement of the fabric panels, considering acoustic requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Installation Method

Depending on the surface type, use appropriate installation methods such as adhesive / Screw application, mounting brackets, or other recommended techniques.


Ensure precise alignment of panels to achieve a uniform and visually appealing installation.


Once installed, inspect the panels for any imperfections and make necessary adjustments for a proper finish.

Technical Specifications

Symfony Fabric Panels

Technical Specifications

For more technical details view or download the datasheet.

Sound Absorption Coefficient

The Symfony Fabric Panel has a high sound absorption coefficient, effectively reducing echo and reverberation in various spaces.

Material Composition

Constructed with advanced acoustic fabric and a soundproofing core, the panel offers superior noise reduction capabilities.

Design Options

Available in multiple design options, providing flexibility for different acoustic requirements and design preferences.

Panel Dimensions

Width Maximum 2.4 M and Height Maximum 6 M and Multiple Panel (No Limitation)